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Significant results have been achieved by our sportsmen in All-Ukrainian and International competitions.В. Возник - МСМК, Призер Чемпионата Мира по каратэ (2011 г.), член сборной команды Украины.jpg

At the World Championship in karate that took place in December in Italy silver medal was gained by International Master of Sports of Ukraine, team member of Ukraine Viktor Voznyk, the student of Faculty of Information Technologies

Е. Егоров - МСМК, Чемпион Мира по кикбоксингу (2011 г.).jpg Yegorov Yevgen, the student of fifth year of studying of Electrical Engineering Faculty, International Master of Sports of Ukraine became the World Champion in kick boxing having defeated eminent sportsmen from Italy, France and Poland. This Championship took place in Italy in October.

The most titled sportsman of National Mining University – И. Футрик - МСМК, Чемпион Мира по  академической гребле (2011 г.), кандидат в олимпийскую сборную.jpg the student of fifth year of studying Faculty of Mechanical Engineering who is International Master of Sports of Ukraine in rowing and a candidate to the Olympic team of Ukraine has gained 5 medals for a half of a year: Two medals are for being the prize holder in World Cup (Munich) and World Cup Champion (Amsterdam) having set the world record; he also became the Champion and Winner of Cup of Ukraine

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