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Кафедра фізичного виховання.jpgAccording to the resolution of the government of Ukraine from September, 1 1929 Physical Training became an obligatory subject in a higher educational establishment, Department of Physical Culture was established in the same year.

The first head of the department was Evgen Georgiyovych Mayats’kiy , who had the experience of work in one of the Moscow military educational institutions. During his charge (1929-1945 with the break of years of war 1941-1943) the first gym 18х8 metres and sport areas were built. Volleyball, basketball, football, gorodki, later cycle racing, boxing, rowing, rock climbing, acrobatics, weightlifting and wrestling were developed. In 1940 there were 12 sports groups in the institute.

With the beginning of the Great Patriotic War Mining Institute was evacuated to the city of Karagandy; department activity was simplified. After the return from the evacuation students and teachers made a great contribution to the renovation of the institute and acquired sport traditions.

From 1946 to 1957 the department was headed by Valentyn Semenovych Murlykin. From 1946 to 1957 the department was headed by Valentyn Semenovych Murlykin. Classes were based on the general physical training. Personnel of the department consisted of 8 teachers and some acting teachers: M.S. Kozoriz, M.P. Nikolaenko, M.S. Sklyarenko, M.S. Frantishev, A.G. Yastrebov, E.Ya. Ivanenko, V.P. Pidyashova, V.M. Zernova, A.G. Grebenyuk.

Classes were held in the following cycles: athletics, sports and games, gymnastics, boxing, weightlifting. The first sportsman brought the honour to the Mining Institute was Vasyl’ Piven’, the student of Mining Department (1951-1956), the record holder of the World in weightlifting (1954).

From 1957 to 1972 Volodymyr Ivanovych Ivanov was the head of the department. Personnel of the department were increased to 12-16 teachers I.V. Dubinin, S.G. St’omkin, V.Ya. Osherov, I.M. Kogut, Yu.M. Pidkopaev, S.V. Velykyi, A.U. Cherkashyn, V.B. Sevast’yanov, L.V. Sosnovtseva, V.E. Strel’nikov, V.P. Kuz’mins’kyi, L.G. Kolodach, A.M. Budil’s’kyi worked with the veterans of the department.Будівництво нового корпусу кафедри.jpg

Classes had general educational orientation; in the middle of 60-s the tradition of students’ intake according to the specializations (wrestling, boxing, volleyball, basketball etc) was started.

New sports activities that were unknown for Dnipropetrovs’k were developed (among them handball, badminton, trampolilning, archery). B. Barshak, I. Natarova became champions of the USSR in Badminton, N. Kovshova was the champion of the USSR in trampolining.

Sports teams of the institute were holding the leading positions in the city in almost all sports being developed in the higher educational establishment. Команда важкоатлетів на чолі з М.С. Козарізом та В.П. Кузьмінським.jpg It was according to V.I. Ivanov’s merits who generated enthusiasm and energy, whose work brought a positive and result to the development of mass physical culture. In 1960 Dnipropetrovs’k State Institute was awarded with the medal of All-USSR exhibition of achievements in national economy in Moscow.

Since 1957 Spartakiada games of Dnipropetrovs’k State Institute have been taking place. Sports teams from all faculties took part in 10-12 kinds of sport.

The opening of the new building for sports activity (1966) that was one of the first buildings among the regional higher educational establishments played the great role for the enhancement of sport and health-improving work.

Great contribution to the sport honour of the institute (50-60-s) made such students of the Mining Faculty as A. Men’shykov, O. Mamontov, G. Ponikarov, V. Teslenko (boxing); O. Zaychenko, A. Shwets’, A. Terpygoreva, V. Kozar (athletics) and G. Pivnyak (hadball) – now the academician, president of National Mining University, R. Didyk – professor of National Mining University (athletics), L. Shyrin - professor of National Mining University (boxing), V. Klochkov - professor of National Mining University (athletics).

From 1972 to 1977 Vasyl’ Grygorovych Strel’nikov was the head of the department. Штат кафедри на той час був 18 чоловік. Personnel of the department consisted of 18 people. M.Kh. Konovalov, V.F. Rich, V.S. SorochanРаїса Махова - Рекордсменка Світу з легкої атлетики.jpg.jpg, S.V. Borysenko, T.P. Zhluktechko, N.S. Oleinikova, M.I. Ursulyak became new teachers. Classes were held in the groups of general physical training (at the students’ option).

Sports groups in trampolining (coachV.E. Strel’nikov), cycle racing (coach R.M. Chas), sambo and judo, freestyle wrestling and Greco-Roman wrestling, boxing (coach V.Ya. Osherov ), weightlifting (coach V.P. Kuz’mins’kyi) were developing

Будівництво нового корпусу кафедри.jpg Annually sportsmen in trampolinig took part in championship of the USSR as members of the Ukrainian national team (V. Zhadyaev, M. Zhulei, I. Gorb, L. Kuzina) and became the winners of this competition and Masters of Sports. V. Zhadyaev became the World champion and International Master of Sports.

Athletes from Dnipropetrovs’k State Institute showed high results (coach V.S. Sorochan). More than 10 athletes from the Mining Faculty became the members of regional team.

From 1977 to 1982 Evgen Yakovych Ivanenko was the head of the department. Р.М. Махова, Є.Я. Іваненко, В.С. Сорочан.jpgO.A. Gabrel’, Yu. N. Karp, A.P. Mel’nychenko, S.M. Shnyakina, V.P. Lagdyshuk, V.O. Ignatenko, V.O. Rodins’kyi, V.V. Potopal’s’ka, R.M. Makhova-Nazarko joined the department.

Teaching methods of physical training and methods of work with preparatory and special medical groups were improved.Sportsmen from the institute had stable high results almost in all kinds of sport. Mining University took the 7th place in All-USSR demonstration competition in higher sport skills among the higher educational establishments in the USSR and the 1st place in Ukraine.

Л.Г. Колодач зі своїми спортсменами - борцями з вільної та класичної боротьби .jpg

І.М. Когут зі своїми вихованцями - спортсменами з боротьби самбо та дзюдо.jpg Every year wrestling and sambo groups prepared 2-3 Masters of Sports of the USSR (coachI.M. Kogut); A. Bereznyak, V. Serebryans’kyi, Ya. Chernov, V. Zabolotnyi, V. Popudrenko and others were among them. V. Kachumov, V. Dovzhok, O. Denysenko, S. Kurasov, V. Yablons’kyi, V. Grygorash became prize winners in All-USSR and Ukrainian competitions in Greco-Roman wrestling (coach L.G. Kolodach) .

Teachers and students built cycle facilities of Mining Institute almost on their own (1974-1975), it helped to find new masters of this kind of sport. O. Zhuley, E. Sukhachev, V. Pidgornyi, A.Stadnik, I. Yarmolovich, E. Pus’, M. Murav’ev and others became Masters of Sports of the USSR (coaches R.M. Chas and O.A. Gabrelya). Тренування велосипедистів під керівництвом Р.М. Час та О.А. Габреля.jpg.

Significant results were achieved by other sportsmen. Weightlifters (coach V.P. Kuz’min) won several times in competitions of different levels. Dnipropetrovs’k State Institute prepared Masters of Sports (L. Poida, C. Tseloval’nikov, A. Khrapovyts’kyi, S. Khrapovyts’kyi, O. Ivanyts’kyi, S. Sulyma, S. Anichev, E. Bondarchuk). V.P. Kuz’mins’kyi was the initiator of the weightlifting in the region. Weightlifters of the institute won several times. V. Tarasuga, E. Revuka, A. Koryak, A. Levkovs’kyi became Masters of Sports.

Great attention was paid not only to the health improvement of students but also to the employees of the institute. In the summer time health camp “Gornyak”, situated on the river Samara, Novomoskovs’kyi district, was the centre of work. Contests, competitions, camping trips for students anв employees of the higher educational establishment took place every day. In 1981 health camp “Gornyak” was rewarded with “Red challenge banner of the All-Union Central Council of Trade-Unions” as the best students’ camp.

From 1982 to 1986 Vilen Pavlovych Lagdushuk was the head of the department. Under his direction rowing was successfully developing. Valeriy Terekhov became the champion of the USSR among youth.

Кафедра фізичного виховання.jpg Athletes also performed with success. Mykola Musienko became the champion of Europe in a triple jump, Raisa Makhova became International Master of Sports.

Methodological work of the department continued to be improved.

From 1986 to 1992 Yuriy Naumovych Karp was the head of the department.

T.Yu. Poldneva, O.V. Storozhuk, V.A. Kaidanovych, M.I. Ursulyak, V.M. Kozhushna (Pechena), V.A. Kozyrod, N.P. Saenko (Yavors’ka) and V.Ya. Grygorash joined the department.

More than 20 teams of the institute continued to take part in all competitions and showed high level. Particular success among the teams plays was gained by the women’s team in Basketball (coach Yu.N. Karp)Ю.Н Карп зі своєю командою - Чемпіонами області серед студентів ВНЗ.jpg. Young fencing team was also successful (coach V.A. Kaidanovych).

Starting from 60-s to 2000 boxers of National Mining University (coach V.Ya. Osherova) took winner places in All-USSR and Ukrainian competitions. Leading positions also belonged to alpinists, mountain climbers, mountain tourists and speleologists.

In 1990 new basic programme in physical training was adopted. According to this programme the students are divided into three groups:

1st group - Special, that is for students with health problems;

2nd group - Basic, almost healthy students;

3d group - Sport Improvement, healthy students who have some sport skills. В.Я. Ошеров під час тренування своїх вихованців.jpg

From 1992 to 2003 V.P. Kuz'minskiy was the head of the department. Inspite of problems that were common for the society in 90-s, the department did not lose their sport traditions that were established before. Health groups, university sports teams, different sports competitions, Spartaliada games continued to exist but the amount of participants for competitions from university was reduced.

During that period forces of the department team were times at the search of new forms and methods for classes. It was simultaneously with the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine №80 "As for state testing and norms in physical culture of the population of Ukraine".

At the end of 90-s and beginning of 2000 physical culture and sport acquired new essence and quality. New kinds of sport as swimming, shooting, tourism, alpinism, speleology, orienteering and tennis were given a new birth. The amount of sports teams participating in regional all-universities competitions was higher.Фрагмент змагань зі стрільби кульової

The best sportsmen of National Mining University in the beginning of 2000 were:

- Mischenko Tetyana is champion of Ukraine (1998-2001), silver medal winner in European championship in kickboxing;

- Zagin Oleg, Starokon' Volodymyr are prize holders in the championship of Ukraine and participants of the World championship in armsport;

- Kucherenko Ol'ga, Mykhailichenko Nadia are silver medal winners in championships of Ukraine in rowing;

- Krayushkina Ganna, Laskarzevs'kyi Vlad are champions of Ukraine, participants of the World championship in orienteering;

- Kyidan Kseniya is a holder of the Cup of Ukraine, winner of the championship in wrestling and judo;

- Zinchenko Yaroslav is a silver medal winner of the World Chess Olympiade among the youth, International Grand Chess-master;

- Gryschev Maksim is the holder of the Cup of Ukraine in sailng, participant of the Worls Cup.

From 2003 the head of the department is Vilyans'kyi Volodymyr Mykolayovych, the Honoured Coach of Ukraine. Under his guidence such martial arts as karate, Thai boxing, kickboxing started to develop quickly. The specialization "martiall arts" was integrated into the studying process.

Facilities of the department started to renew: new gyms in building №10 and reconstruction of gyms in building №6 took place.

Classes are held according to the ECTS for students of first-third years of studying with credits (with marks) every term. Scientific and methodological work of teachers of the department is being improved. Annually teachers of the department take part in the Ukrainian and international conferences and publish articles in specialized magazines. 3 text books approved by Ministry of Education of Ukraine were published. Some teachers of the department continue to study at post-graduate courses.

Фрагмент тренування збірної команди з карате.jpgRegional team in karate consists of the great amount of sportsmen from National Mining University (coach V.M. Vilyans'kyi). Since 2003 every year 5-8 sportsmen become champions of winners in the championship of Ukraine. Cherpak Olena, Shkol'na Natalya, Selyanyn Vitaliy, Vilyans'kyi Andriy, Denys Yaroslav, Reut Evgen, Samara Sergiy, Tkachuk Sergiy, Voznyk Artem, Koval'chuk Karina, Frolov Pavlo, Monin Alfred became Masters of Sports of Ukraine

In the international competition in karate the university was honoured by: Cherpak Olena won the silver medal in the European Championship 2003, Voznyk Viktor is the champion of Europe 2010 and winner in 2011 (International Master of Sports).

Quite high sport achievements were shown by other sportsmen (Masters of Sports of Ukraine):Є. Єгоров - МСМК, Чемпіон Світу з кікбоксингу (2011 р.).jpg

- Vasin Oleksyi, Nadtochyi Sergyi are champions of Ukraine in orienteering;

- Tkachenko Vadym is champion of Ukraine in taekwondo;

- Ermolaev Ivan is champion of Ukraine in taekwondo, took part in Ukrainian all-university games;

- Gnidenko Annа, Serga Kateryna are prize holders in the championship of Ukraine in shooting;

- Tkachov V’yacheslav, Poklonskyi Anton is are prize holders in the championship of Ukraine in judo;

- Senin Oleksyi is finalists of Ukraine in wrestling;

- Egorov Evgen is champion of the World in kickboxing (2011 ), International Master of Sports;І. Футрик - МСМК, Чемпіон Світу з академічного веслування (2011), кандидат до олімпійської збірної.jpg

- Futryk Ivan is champion of Ukraine, champion of the World (2011), prize holders of the European Championship (2009), prize holders of the World Championship(2010), candidate to the Olympic team of Ukraine, International Master of Sports in rowing.

National Mining University football team (coach Sokolenko O.A.) became one of the best student teams in the city and region and was the finalists in Ukrainian all-university games;

National Mining University athletic team (coach Rodins'kyi V.O., Samarin Yu. M.)is among 10 best student teams of Ukraine.Фрагмент Універсіади області з легкої атлетики.jpg

In 2007 National Mining University sportsmen took part in XXII regional Sdutent Games; 16 teams became the winners. Great amount of students participated and became winners in VIII Student Games of Ukraine.

The department is the basis for city and regionalchampionships, regional Student Games in different kinds of sport, championships of Ukraine in karate and international practical seminars. There is the tradition to organize spartakias among first year students and faculties of National Mining University.

In the summer period great part of teachers' work is devoted to health camp "Gornyak" where students and teachers of university can renew physical strenth.

This period is famous for its trainings,competitions,sports games, artistic amateur work. In 2005-2006 health camp "Gornyak" took the 1st place in spartakiada among the best camps of regional higher educational establishments.

This period is famous for its trainings,competitions,sports games, artistic amateur work. In 2005-2006 health camp "Gornyak" took the 1st place in spartakiada among the best camps of regional higher educational establishments.

The above mentioned achievements of sportsmen of Mining Institute, then Academy and University belong to the sports club of the institute that was established in 1965.

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